Welcome to our 2019 Presentation CLOUD 9

Soca Massive Fancy Sailors UK and DD Projects proudly present their fantastic 2019 presentation . CLOUD 9.

After a great successful 2018 with Soca Massive Fancy Sailors Scooping 2 tittles in the Traditional Band Category , Best Children’s Band and 2 in Our Adult Masquerades , Soca Massive Fancy Sailors UK and Associates take the feeling to the road. We are on a winning roll and intend to keep on coming on strong. Using classic materials our designer Shaun Carrington MBE has done it again with a fantastic use of materials to create   a mix of the true highs of wining. A fantastic mix of primary colours  Sky Blue, Silver and, representing  the beautiful purity of our children – White will grace the stage for our 2019 presentation